What is your relation to Swedish music?

Picking songs that have meant a lot to you through your life will obviously be rather old songs, since, well, life has had to be lived. When choosing songs I favoured rather unknown songs with Swedish lyrics. I have never considered myself someone that listens to Swedish sung music in particular, but I have to admit that when good lyrics in Swedish hit me, they hit me harder. All in all, I think I listen more to English sung music or even instrumental, but still…

What artists and songs you might connect to certain memories and feelings did affect you the most?

1. Kjell Höglund – Genesarets Sjö


Maybe the best Swedish song of all time. Everything is perfect. The lyrics are on spot and still very airy. The sound is magical, mystical, and strange, even weird in the best sense. I have many memories from this track but one that I remember the most is one that I don’t really remember. Wanna know more you have to ask Kalle Magnusson at Hybris

2. Stina Nordenstam – Crime

Stina Nordenstam bear

I could easily pick whatever track from Stina for this. Every track she has done is better than most of everything that is produced in Sweden. I really wanted to feature the track ”Crime” from Stina Nordenstams album ”And She Closed Her Eyes” and I remember myself sitting along in a car in the middle of the forest, the rain slowly poured down the window, and ”Crime” on the stereo. BUT for some reason that track is not on Spotify in Germany, so I had to pick the great cover of „I Dream of Jeannie (with the Light Brown Hair)” instead.

3. Magnus Uggla – Sommartid

Magnus Uggla bear

The freedom you get when you hear this song is magical. The pictures he puts in your head from driving around, doing nothing, drinking in summertime, having sex, it’s the best summer song ever. Music nerds argue that there is another version of this track, that is much better but it is probably because it is harder to get hold on. This version is so much sexier and smoother.

4. Olle Ljungström – Nåt För Dem Som Väntar

Olle Ljungstrm Bear alt

Olle is one of two persons in the world that gets me star struck. You can’t put your finger on what he is doing. I consider him somewhat like a Jesus figure, which dies for our sins over and over again. Freely translated: ”Please God, invent something new that makes it easier to endure life. Invent something new for all of us that are still waiting.“

When I first wrote this text Olle was still alive. Now he is not. The world is worse now.

5. Ulf Stureson – Lugn & Långsam

Ulf Stureson bear alt

Ulf is responsible for 3, 4 tracks that, in a fair world would be considered classics, unfortunately that is not the case. I once told my girlfriend that if she wanted to understand me more, she should listen to this track. We were listening a lot to this track and record when we were touring with my old band David & The Citizens, but in Halmstad someone broke in to our van. They didn’t steal more than a couple of CDs, including this one.

Magnus Bjerkert bear

Who is Magnus Bjerkert?

Magnus Bjerkert is running the label Adrian Recordings since many years.